Time for a hair touch!

I just did it by myself… but this week I am thinking in really changing it… BIG!

like some highlights…

to me I don’t understand very much… highlights… balayage? Natural? Ombre? Sombre?


Have you been hearing these terms and wondering what they are all about? Or if you should give them a try? Neither of these techniques are new but they are the latest hair trend.

*I do want to mention that you should do your research on a qualified hairstylist when getting either of these techniques done. Bad ombre has been the number one thing walking through the salon door to be fixed and it can be a costly color correction. Make sure you ask your stylist if they have done the technique before and if they have some examples of their work.

OMBRE – Is defined by a graduation of color – dark to light. On your hair it means having a dark root that gradually gets lighter towards the ends. It can be done subtle or more noticeable by the difference of contrast from roots to ends. A traditional ombre is more like an all over color than highlights. Some of my favorites are done on already lightened hair where I add a dark root and blend through the midshaft of the hair.  Ombre is perfect for the person who wants a lower maintenance coloring schedule and likes the “rooty” look. You can get touch ups between 3-5 months depending how often you cut.

BALAYAGE – One of my favorites – Is a Frenchhair painting technique. Lightener is used in a thicker form and hand painted on strands to give a soft highlighting pattern. It is the most natural looking highlight with a much softer grow out. It can look a bit different while getting it done since plastic wrap and/or cotton are typically used instead of foil. The highlights come out more natural since the stylist paints the strand just off the scalp. Mostly concentrating around the face where you would naturally lighten from the sun. Most clients that sit in my chair with pictures of “ombre” looks they want to do are actually showing me balayage. I use balayage on my clients who are wanting that melted color effect and brightness to their ends.  It gives a beautiful soft darker root to lighter through the mid shaft and ends. With no harsh graduation of color. I also use this technique on myself  when I want a strawberry sun-kissed look over my red.

hair trends balayage

…and while we are talking about highlights we can’t leave out foiling.

FOILING – The most common form of highlighting. Perfect for the person wanting to be significantly lighter than their natural. Or have multiple colors applied. Foils can be applied in a multitude of ways from dramatic to subtle. It also allows the stylist the most control when going lighter.

I hope that clarifies our stylist tricks to creating fabulously lightened hair. Maybe one of these will be something new for you to try at your next appointment!?


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