Eat more like this personal trainers!!

Yes, personal trainers hit the gym for a living, but they also know what the right things are to eat in order to keep themselves looking ripped—as well as what foods boost energy and increase strength. If you have ever wanted to know what gets your fitness professionals those awesome abs or enviable shoulders, then come with us as we look inside the pantries of four of the country’s top trainers. We’ll get their cheat sheets on what they nosh on for breakfast, preworkout, and post-workout and their favorite guilty pleasures.

I like this plan so much…

Alejandro Chaban
Certified nutrition consultant and founder of the Yes You Can! Diet Plan

Diet Philosophy: “Don’t skip meals, because your body will go into a state of emergency and store fat.”
On Juice Cleanses: “Fruit juice has tons of vitamins, minerals, and fiber and, when taken in moderation and in their most natural form, they can be a great source of nutrients.”
Chow Time: “I start my day with coffee, oatmeal pancakes, and sugar-free syrup or an egg-white omelet with veggies and turkey plus whole-wheat toast.”
Preworkout and Post-Workout: “You need energy, so the most important thing to have before a work out is a good-quality carb. Once I am done exercising, I have one of my Yes You Can! Diet Plan Protein Shakes.”
Avoiding Food Overindulgences: “Rule out fatty foods by substituting things—like switching butter to olive oil.”
Eating Out: “Though I get tempted, I select foods based on what will be most beneficial to my body.”
The Workout: “I like dancing, so I choose great upbeat music such as salsa beats—it burns about 400 calories in 30 minutes.”


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