Conscious Consumption Habits…

We rarely get to peek into the processes that make our favorite foods possible, but when we peel back to wrappers and see how our choices impact the planet, suddenly some of these items aren’t so appetizing. We all have a choice when it comes to our diet and consumption habits and when we are armed with the facts, we can make much better decisions. While it might be painful to admit that your favorite cheese is driving deforestation, when you begin to make more sustainable selections, you’ll feel all the better for it!

Many of the foods we enjoy every day are produced in faraway regions of the world, making it nearly impossible to draw the connection between mass deforestation to grow ingredients and the finished products in our hands. As conscious consumers and Green Monsters, learning about how the foods we purchase impact native environments across the world is the first step to making more compassionate choices.

So take a look at these common foods that are driving deforestation and consider the downstream impact that your diet might be having on the planet.

1. Palm Oil

2. Coffee

3. Cocoa

4. Meat, Dairy and Eggs

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