Successful tip! BALANCE…..

“A woman’s work is never done.” The old adage is true — cleaning, cooking, running errands, managing the household and keeping up relationships. A woman with a family is triple the work, a woman with a business, quadruple (or more)! If you have all three to manage then you have a recipe for bat-shit crazy!

As more and more women start and run their own businesses, there’s a huge need for “balance,” which seems a nearly impossible feat at times. The areas where the challenges lie are many, but show me a challenge and I’ll show you a strong, successful female CEO who has found a solution.

When talking about relationships, one of the most polarizing topics for ladypreneurs is that of the supportive or non-supportive spouse. Statistically speaking, staying married under normal circumstances is tough, add the stress of business to that and imagine the difficulty that can occur.

Self Care
Self care is one of the first items to go down the tubes when the calendar gets full. Long gone are the days of luxurious baths and nights out with friends. They are replaced with kid events, business meetings and endless phone calls.

Hiring and Delegation
A huge area of issue is Superwoman Syndrome, whereas these busy women try to do everything themselves and as a result, burn out, are severely unhappy or get sick due to all of the pressure of running everything alone.

“Hiring the right people. I hired someone to help me grow my business because we had an immediate connection and the same values and goals. ‘Begin as you mean to go’ — is my philosophy. Make sure you’re taking care of them and make sure they understand their value.”

Time Management
“Prioritize what’s important to you outside of work because you can’t do everything. You want relationships to be successful. Which ones do I really want to be a success and can I live with those decisions? I can’t be everyone’s best friend or go to every school event. But I can be really good at one or two or three things. People who are successful have made the appropriate decisions”.

“I make sure I’m carving out as much quality time as I can (in relationships). If you lose that, does anything else matter?”


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