10 Great habits to stick for the rest of your life…

I read recently that if you’re write an ambition down you’re waaaaaay more likely to stick to it. So I’m going to write down 10 good habits and put them out into the world so hopefully it strengthens my resolve and I follow through with achieving them.

The good news is – all of these habits can be helpful for you too!

1. Regular exercise.

2. Reading for 20 minutes everyday.

3. Drinking water.

4. Make a routine for waking and sleeping. 

5. Learn something new.

6. Pay compliments.

7. Take 10-15 quiet time.

8. Set online boundaries.

9. Eat more vegetables. 

10. Make fewer excuses.

All the people who have achieved greatness in the face of adversity have had the ability to ignore that nagging little voice in their heads that says “I can’t do it”. So one of the answers to success and achieving what you want is to focus on the abilities you do have, instead of looking around and blaming other variables. You can’t change other people but you can change your own trajectory and quest forward with self belief. Telling yourself that you goal isn’t possible because of  X or Y is the first step towards failure. Find a way!  #power



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