Healthy Popcorn!!! I’m in…

Lemony Kale Popcorn

Kale has long surpassed spinach as the favorite leafy green, but we get it—with tough leaves and a somewhat bitter flavor, it can be a tough health prescription to swallow. Make the superfood tempting to any palate by grinding it up with a fragrant blend of lemon, sea salt, and grapeseed oil (in moderation, its fatty acids can maintain skin cells and arteries). Toss it all with a bunch of popcorn; you’ll get all the antioxidants—it comes out to a full cup of kale per serving!—without any of the incessant gnawing.

Cilantro-Lime Popcorn

Take Chipotle’s signature rice dish and turn it into this 15-minute snack. Using a squeeze of vitamin C-rich lime, a handful of oral health-promoting cilantro and just two tablespoons of butter, it’s a healthier variation of the same flavors, without the lengthy process of cooking rice or the need for a whole lot of oil. With flecks of green peeking out among the kernels, it’s healthy, tasty, and pretty!

Wasabi Soy Sauce Popcorn

Wasabi and soy sauce aren’t just for sushi; a bit of each give this popcorn that deeper, “umami” flavor. Find wasabi online or at your local natural food store—we promise it’s worth the extra mile, thanks to the horseradish powder’s anticancer and pro-dental benefits. Cut the zing of the wasabi with a bit of butter, which also makes for a delectable pairing with the soy. You end up with a snack that tastes kind of like wasabi peas: just as irresistible, but much healthier.

No-Bake Peanut Butter Popcorn

Aside from a bit of agave syrup for a sweet tinge, this popcorn is purely about the peanut butter, offering different quantities depending on just how nutty you want to get. Whatever the amount, go for the all-natural kind to reap all the potassium and none of the salt; you can add as much or as little sea salt later—the unrefined kind has the added perk of maintaining endocrine health. The snack is crispy, creamy confirmation that the simplest recipes are often the best.

Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate Popcorn

Using a bar made of 80 percent cocoa (the more cocoa, the more cholesterol-lowering oleic acid!), this recipe boast bitter sweetness that complements the buttery popcorn and savory, flaky sea salt. Chop up the bar and liberally sprinkle the pieces over the kernels so that they melt evenly. The end product is the culinary equivalent of “opposites attract,” both in its black-and-white appearance and in its sweet-and-salty taste.

Salted Peanut Butter Caramel Corn

Subbing out some of the sugar for peanut butter is a nutritious way to cut the cloying sweetness of caramel corn, but this recipe doesn’t just use the savory element as an understudy; it makes it the star by also throwing a handful of lightly salted peanuts into the mix—clocking in at less than 140mg of sodium per one-ounce serving, they’re significantly lesser offenders than other salt-saturated snacks and actually meet FDA guidelines for heart-healthy foods. So go nuts (worry-free!) with a bowl of this during your next movie night.



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