Natural Vitamin Water


This is the best summer drink, it’s so cooling and refreshing, and so delicious – it’s been my saviour over the last few weeks as it’s been so hot! The cucumber, lemon slices, berries and fresh mint all infuse into your water to create an incredible mix of flavours, which I think you’ll love – it just tastes like summer! Each sip is full of goodness too as the vitamins and minerals from the ingredients go straight into your water, plus you can of course eat the leftover berries once you finish the glass! I don’t really drink so I love this as an alternative when you’re friends are all enjoying Pimms and wine, it’s so much more beautiful and exciting than just a simple glass of water, so you don’t feel like you’re missing out at all, in fact it feels like you got the better deal! I love making a big jug of this and keeping it in the fridge all day so that I can enjoy it any time, or if I’m out and about all day I’ll sometimes fill a big water bottle with this mix so that I stay hydrated all day and I never forget to drink water this way as it’s so delicious!

Serves Four

– Four cups of cold coconut or mineral water

– 1 lemon

– a handful of mint leaves

– 1 small cucumber (100g)

– 1 punnet of frozen raspberries (100g)

– 1 punnet of frozen blueberries (100g)

I use frozen blueberries and raspberries to keep the water cool, just like delicious ice cubes!

This is the easiest recipe!

Simply peel the cucumber into strips using a potato peeler. Then slice the lemon into circles and pull the mint leaves off their stalks.

Pour the water or coconut water into a jug and add the lemon, cucumber, mint leaves and berries. Then let the water sit for about thirty minutes to allow the flavo


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