5 steps to getting the perfect shave (and smoothest legs), every single time

1. Choose your razor wisely. Oui Shave developed two razors, in 14 karat gold and chrome, with an extra-sharp old-fashioned blade, that places the weight of the razor in the head. “You don’t need to apply any pressure to get the blade to get all of the hair, so you’re not going over the same area again and again or risking razor burn,” Young says. Plus, you’re not constantly throwing out plastic razors that sit in landfills.

2. Start by exfoliating. Get in the shower, and let the hot water open up your pores and soften your skin. Then, exfoliate with a body polish using a washcloth or loofah. “That will remove any upper layer of dead skin, which primes the skin for a really good shave and lifts the hair so it’s more exposed to the razor,” Young explains.

3. Use a shave oil. After rinsing the body polish and while the skin is wet, apply a shave or body oil, which creates a barrier on your skin. “There’s a beautiful balance between the razor and the slickness of the oil,” Young says. “It creates a really nice combination and brightens, hydrates, and tones your skin.” It also serves as a primer to any lotions you apply after the shower to lock in an extra layer of moisture.

4. Pull the skin taut. While shaving, stretch the skin with your free hand so it’s taut. “This creates a flat surface, so the razor just skims the hair right off, and there’s less chance of any nicks,” Young says. “It kind of feels like doing yoga in the shower.” Now that would definitely save us some time.

5. Go against the grain. You might be tempted to seesaw back and forth between going towards and against your growth depending on your angle and how sharp your blade is, but you should always shave against the grain. “If the razor is gentle and the blade is really clean, you’ll achieve the best shave that way,” she says. Now all you have to do is go bikini shopping. —Jamie McKillop


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