10 tips to make hair grow faster…

We’ve all been there. You head to the salon to get the trendy-bob, chop it all off, and two days later — completely regret your actions! Whether you’re recovering from a bad cut, or hoping for luscious locks by your big day; waiting for your hair to grow can be a tedious, frustrating process. The average person’s hair grows about a quarter of an inch a month — and while there’s no overnight cure to long locks (extensions aside), we’re sharing 10 tricks on how to make your hair grow faster. You’ll be on the road to long, healthy strands in no time!
Switch up your part/pony: It’s an easy move, but can help maintain the strength of your strands. When you change around your pony, the strands are less likely to break — applying pressure to the same style everyday (same strands) will cause breakage.

Cold Rinse: At the end of each shower, rinse your strands in cold water. Cold water actually helps prevent moisture loss, heat damage and snags. This trick will help to grow hair, and keep it healthy for a longer period of time. Also, try washing your hair with warm (not hot) water every time you shower.

Brush: Be gentle, and kind when you’re brushing your hair. Post-shower, my hair is a knot — I’ve learned to be patient. When you’re working through these rebellious strands, start from the bottom, and work your way up. Also, the wet brush is my favorite (works great on kids, too!) as it works through your strands using little-no pressure. It’s honestly magic, and it saves strands.

Skip the Towel: Drop the towel (well, you know what I mean) — Wet hair is fragile, so twisting it up into a large towel can break strands easily. Simply pat dry, and let H20 take care of the rest.

Trim: I know, this one is weird (and traumatizing if you’re coming off a bad cut). The truth is, it’s important to treat damage ends, or they will break off and make your hair even shorter. Don’t over-do this, obviously — every 6-8 weeks should do the trick! Everything in moderation.

Indulge in a Massage: This one, I can do! Giving yourself an at-home scalp massage can increase blood flow to the scalp which helps nutrients get to the follicles. All this time, I thought those massages were bonus while at the salon! Turns out, they’re actually vital to growth! Next time your’e in the shower, take an extra few minutes to massage your shampoo/conditioner.

Vitamins: Taking prenatal vitamins is said to promote healthy growth. Biotin will help hair, in addition to your skin and nails. That’s what we call a triple win! This article is a great resource, but always consult your doctor before taking a new type of vitamin.

Drop the Shampoo Bottle: Try skipping the shampoo as much as possible (maybe use shampoo a couple times a week). The reason behind this? Shampoo is to wash away dirt/bacteria, and buildup — but, it can also take some vital nutrients that live in our strands, causing breakage.

Use Conditioner: Probably a given, but conditioner is your BFF. Ever wonder why it feels so good on those strands post use? It’s because conditioner replaces the proteins, and coats follicles to prevent even more damage from happening. Don’t overdo it, just a nickel size amount!

Pillowcase: Switching to a softer pillowcase will do wonders for your growth! You’ll wake up with fewer tangles, and remove friction throughout the night. Switch to a sateen fabric like this one! 



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