How to eat clean?

Here is the answer to the Question: How to Eat Clean.

I often talk about eating 5-6 Clean Healthy meals per day

You see no matter how much exercise you do you will never get that super lean and toned look without a clean diet

The other day I was at my local fruit market talking to a friend and a lady in the store happened to hear us and asked –
“What is clean Eating?”

“How do I start eating Clean?”

It got me thinking that you know what, I am sure not everyone knows what eating clean really is.

I have had numerous personal trainers start work at my studio and have no idea about how to eat clean until I educated them.

SO how does the regular person in the street get the right advice?
Well I am going to give you everything you need to know to start eating clean today

The advice I am about to give you if put into practice will help you drop bodyfat faster then any other diet or exercise plan.

You will also have an abundance of energy

You will never be hungry

Eating clean was a term previously only associated with Body builders

Body builders have the lowest amount of body fat then any other athlete on the planet

Male body builders in comp season can have a body fat percentage as low as 2% – 5% compared to your average guy in the street who has 25% – 34%

And being 3% bodyfat does not mean looking like a weedy string bean – it’s a very muscular and defined (ripped) look – kind of like their muscles and body have been shrink-wrapped.

Then women caught onto the secret of the clean eating philosophy and followed the same protocols

– 5-6 meals per day and a good spilt of 20% fat, 30% protein and 50% carbs (from Vegetables) and just reduced the portion size.

And that was the creation of the most desired womens figure on the planet

This way of eating reshaped the womens body allowing sexy curves to luminate out of tight and defined bodies.

This way of eating was no longer a diet but a Lifestyle for Figure models, Fitness Models, Bikini Models and women who wanted to look 10 years younger.

So to keep it simple here are the 10 key elements to eating clean

1) All food must be fresh – this means nothing in a packet, nothing manufactured, nothing reconstituted, and definitely nothing labelled Diet or low fat

2) You must consume 2- 4 cups of vegetables per day – broccoli, green beans, zucchini, sweet potato, salads, kale, spinach, cucumbers

3) You must drink 3-4 litres (1 gallon) of water per day

4) 30% of your daily food intake should come from lean protein (Chicken, Turkey, Fish, Tofu, Soy, Tempeh, Egg whites, cottage cheese, natural yoghurt) and you must eat a portion of protein with EVERY meal – This will help stabilise your blood sugar levels and keep you feeling full

5) Good fats are essential but are easy to overdo – so just 5-6 almonds, a tablespoon of avocado and the fat found in your protein is usually your maximum daily allowance.

6) Eliminate all starchy carbs – no bread, pasta, white rice, pastries

7) Alcohol is a big NO on a clean Diet – when you drink alcohol your body stops burning fat until all the acetone from the alcohol is out of your system, whilst this is happening your metabolism slows right down and instead of burning fat your taking a big step backwards.

A muscular women doing push ups in a fitness club.
A muscular women doing push ups in a fitness club.

8) You must eat regularly thru the day 5-6 meals per day or every 2-3 hours

9) Protein shakes are Ok if the protein powder is pure either 100% natural Whey, Soy, brown rice, pea or Hemp protein – as soon as the protein powder has more then 5 ingredients and contains artificial sweeteners, flavours and chemicals its toxic.


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