Fit! Fit! Fit! The Ultimate Timing Guide  When To Eat, When To snack, when to exercise!

We all know the recipe for healthy and lasting weight loss:
A balanced diet + exercise.

We also know that if we want to lose weight we have to watch what we eat and we got to have a good workout routine, but it includes many other factors too.

In order to achieve maximum effect, maximize the fat burn and maintain ideal weight, we have to include the factor “timing of meals and exercise.”

Timing is one really important factor, that actually almost no one pays attention to.

But the thing is, timing can help us succeed in our goals a lot, by getting the most out of your:




It is really important to know when is the right time to do certain activities, and when is the right time to have certain meals.

Because of that, I’m gonna give you the ultimate timing guide – When To Eat and When To Workout!

Step by step, you’re gonna get every single detail you need to know about the right timing.

Let’s get started!

1. Breakfastweight loss plan


It is really important and you shouldn’t skip it for no reason.

It should be within 1 hour after waking up, no more!

Surely you’ve heard it before: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Well the truth is – IT REALLY IS!

Breakfast stimulates your metabolism and gives you the necessary energy to start the day with full force.

It has been proven that people who eat breakfast consume fewer calories later in the day.

And that is a fact!
There are so many healthy breakfast meals, so that you could start your day fresh and happy, and let your body adapt to the following daily activities.
Here are some examples and ideas for your next breakfast:

Yogurt with flax seed, few almonds and sunflower seeds
Omelette with spinach and sesame seeds

Smoothie with milk, berries and chia seeds

Whole grain oatmeal with cottage cheese

You can experiment as much as you want.

My perfect breakfast combo is actually this simple formula:

Proteins + Fibers + Healthy Fats

Whatever your choice is, DON’T YOU even think about skipping breakfast!

Fruit, smoothie, oatmeal, omelette… any of these easy breakfast recipes is better than no breakfast at all.
2. Cardio In the Morning

Is exercising in the morning good idea?

Of course it is!

You just have to know that not every exercise is recommended in the morning.
For example, a morning cardio is always a good idea.
Going for a run an hour after your breakfast, or sometimes even before it it’s a good idea.

However, this is only a recommendation that will help you stay consistent.

If you feel better when you do cardio in the evening, then that’s okay too.

So morning cardio will be a great start, but strength training in the morning is not a good idea at all.

You need a full meal if you want to lift the weights right, so it is always for the best to do that after your meal.

So what you can do is:

eat your breakfast

go for a 30 minutes run


And that’s how you start a healthy day! 🙂

3. Eat Every 2-3 Hours

It’s important not to make big breaks between your meals!

This is because that way you:

control your appetite

prevent variation in your blood sugar

avoid overeating

avoid sugar craving

You’ll also have better mood and more energy.

Of course, you don’t have to eat meals every 3 hours:

The optimum is to have three main meals and 2-3 snacks between them.

So don’t forget this rule, because it’s a great way to control your hunger.

4. Main Mealbest pre workout meal

Your main meal should be at least 2 hours before your workout.

And this is the exact perfect timing!

It shouldn’t be less than that, and it shouldn’t be more than that.

This helps you get the energy needed for the following workout.

Also, try eating proteins, veggies, fibers and healthy fats for lunch.

It’s really important to keep it healthy!

You don’t want to leave the carbohydrates out of the picture, but to maximize the fat burn you might want to keep them up to 100 grams per meal.

Here’s another tip:

Choose healthier carbs – brown rice, sweet potato, beans…

However, you can have the good carbs for the best pre workout meal.

Here’s more about carbs:

Good Carbs Vs. Bad Carbs – Learn The Difference

weight loss plan

5. Snack Right Before You Workout

Small snack will help you stay full until the next meal and it will saturate enough to not overdo when you come to a plate full of food too.

Is it okay right before the workout?

Yes it is, and here’s why:

It will give you some extra energy you need for your workout.

You can have a watery fruit, a protein bar, nuts, low sugar Greek yogurt or a smoothie.

There are so many healthy snack recipes here on my blog.

Here’s a tip:

You just have to be careful when choosing the energy or protein bars.

Some of them can have too much added sugars, so be careful.

Sugar is one of our worst enemies when it comes to our weight loss efforts, but most important of all – when it comes to our health!

6. Gym Time

2 hours after your meal, you should hit the weights!

Here’s how it should go:

warm up – 5-10 minutes
strength training – 30-40 minutes

cardio – 20-30 minutes

stretching – 5 minutes

I’ve made many posts about how important workout is and how it should take some time off your day in order to change you.

So don’t get freaked out of these numbers, because that is the average workout time.

If you’re faster you can do all of that in 40-50 minutes.

If you’re slower, you’ll need an hour and 15 minutes.

You can check the workout routine I have made for you.
It has three different fitness programs in it, so pick one and start going to the gym.

After Workout Meal

Your after workout meal should be no more than 1 hour after your workout.

It’s a big mistake to starve after you finished your workout, so you should eat right away.

exercise programsThat’s because your muscles are seeking for proteins, so you cannot leave them waiting too long.

The post workout meal should be full of proteins and should always contain a big bowl of salad.

Here’re some post workout meal ideas:

Chicken breasts with broccoli and mushrooms

Grounded turkey meat with a bowl of lettuce

Shrimps with cabbage and curry dressing (greek yogurt+mustard+curry)

Cesar salad (without the bacon part)

Tuna fish with chickpeas.

These are just few of the many recipes I prepare for myself every single day!

You can have easy meals for dinner, just try avoiding fast food, because of the way they are prepared.

Also, there’re many high protein low carb recipes here on my blog, mainly easy to make and they fit in the weight loss plan perfectly.


If you want to honor yourself with a glass of alcohol, do it at the end of the day.

It is considered that alcohol affects the hormones that are related to digestion and appetite control.
It’s not a good choice to drink alcohol while you’re trying to lose weight and get healthy.
That’s because alcohol contains empty calories and loads of added sugars, so please try to skip it off your menu.


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