I like this plan, maybe I can give it a try!

The 1 Week Meal Plan

To help you step foot on this weight loss ladder we are now going to provide you with a one week meal plan that will offer you the best results through Intermittent Fasting.

Day 1: Skip Breakfast and eat a meal at 1pm and 8pm, fasting for 12 hours until the next day. The meals you eat here can be your usual meals. So a sandwich for lunchtime and then a decent dinner in the evening with plenty of vegetables.
Day 2: Have a hearty breakfast at 9am such as a glass or orange juice and some stone baked morning oats to keep you fuller for longer. Have a meal at 8pm, such as pasta or a roast dinner and then begin fasting for 16 hours until the next day.
Day 3: Skip Breakfast and wait for the 1pm lunchtime snack. Have a sandwich or some noodles at this point and then wait until 8pm for your next meal. The 8pm meal can consist of red meats and plenty of vegetables.
Day 4: Grab yourself some wholemeal toast and a banana, washed down with a cup of green tea with lemon. And then hold out until your 8pm meal in the evening. For your evening meal a pizza can be eaten as you will then fast until 1pm the following day.
Day 5: Skip Breakfast and grab yourself a pasta pot or some soup and a bread roll for lunch, this will tie you over until your evening meal where you can eat a Tuna salad.
Day 6: Crumpets with butter on is a stodgy breakfast that will help your stomach feel full until you get to the 8pm time slot. An apple and some raisins can also be added to breakfast to help you feel full. For your evening meal you can choose between meats, fish or vegetarian options.
Day 7: Skip Breakfast and head to lunchtime looking at something that will fill you up until dinner time. A sandwich or baguette will do the trick here but make sure you select wholemeal bread. Finally, you can end the week with something substantial for dinner such as a jacket potato with baked beans.
B Renan


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