5 Snacks to keep on hand to get past those cravings! 

Today I wanted to talk about a real struggle I have. Let me start at the root. I’m impulsive. And usually when I’m feeling impulsive (or emotional, or hungry, or a combination of all) I make bad decisions. I may buy that useless thing at target. I may go out of my way to get the comfort food (ie. a coffee from Joe Bean’s), or I may eat whatever snack is closest and easiest. This is a problem I’ve always had and until recently have had a real hard time reigning it in. So, for all you who know the struggle is real, I just wanted to share what helped me cope with my impulsive snacking in order to get back to my pre pregnancy weight, and then some! (Keep in mind this isn’t the only habit I changed, but this made a HUGE difference!).*I would just like everyone to know that I am not receiving a dime for writing this post! Any brands mentioned are truly the ones I use regularly and genuinely recommend. I am sure there are other great brands in your area too, feel free to experiment! That’s how I found what I love. Just be sure to read the nutrition labels oh so carefully!*

Greek yogurt

I eat Fage Total 0. This has been the best yogurt I have found that is the lowest in sugar content. Also, the thick consistency of this yogurt is like none other. Once you get used to it you’ll think all other yogurts are soup. The biggest reason why this yogurt is such a great snack is the protein! 23 freakin grams of protein! That’s more than you’ll find in some protein shakes!

Fage Total 0 also has no added sugar. The only sugar in this is naturally occurring lactose sugars. I urge you to compare the nutrition labels of this yogurt to, say, Yoplait whips. Look at the sugar content. Sugar falls as the SECOND ingredient and high fructose corn syrup is number 4. You’ll see a varying range of + or – 20 grams of sugar (not to mention preservatives and um… NITROGEN! (What?) Did you know that a woman’s daily recommended intake is only 25??? So there you go, eat up your whole day’s sugar allowance in one little yogurt. Or not. Try a greek yogurt that is free of any kind of sweeteners and add your own! Mixed berries or raisins and a granola or cereal that is also low in sugar is a great pair with greek yogurt!


I run to the grocery store about twice a week to get fresh batches of bananas. David, Josh, and I all have at least one almost every day. They’re filling, sweet, they reduce cramps, and help brain function. You really can’t go wrong with a banana.

I also love to binge on berries. Sadly, however, they are out of season here so I’ve had to pull my resources.

Kiwis are another favorite and super easy to pack and bring to work. I just slice my kiwi in half and dish it out with a spoon, almost like eating a boiled egg.


Some of you are thinking, “Umm, Chelsea? Water is NOT a snack…”

Hear me out on this one. Many times when our stomach starts to feel hollow and make those horrible grumbling noises, we think “Oh, I’m getting hungry!” But actually, what we don’t realize is that many times when this happens, it is also a symptom of thirst and dehydration! So before you head to the fridge, take a minute and drink a full glass of water. (Most of us aren’t as good with keeping up with our water intake as we should be anyway). Let that sit in your stomach for at least 5 minutes and then see how hungry you are. If you still got those hunger pangs, then by all means, feed yourself. If that seems to have quenched the fire, then great! Another indulgence conquered!

Old-Fashioned Oats

This is a quick fix that I have for breakfast a lot or to hold me over during the day. 5 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber, and only 1 gram of sugar, a bowl of this is going to have you feeling full for hours.


One of the reasons why I love to have almonds is because there’s no prep here. Just grab a bag at the store and you’re good to go! 12 grams of fiber and 20 grams of protein (heck yeah! who needs to spend money on sugary protein shakes?!).

These are great for anyone but especially those with face paced jobs who don’t have time to sit down with a bowl and spoon.

Compare these to a Nature Valley or other snack bar and you’re looking at 12-14 grams or more of sugar. Now if you really want a snack bar, Kind bars have about half the sugar I just mentioned (depending on flavor).
So ladies, tell me what you got! What healthy snacks do you keep on hand to fight those not so guilt-free cravings? Trust me, I would love to hear what you have to say. 


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