How to define your personal style! Step 1 in the lean closet series – a detailed guide to creating the perfect wardrobe (a step beyond a capsule wardrobe!)

All caught up? Awesome, let’s dive in! This is step 1 in a 6 part process designed to guide you toward your dream closet. I’ll be spacing each post out by a few days to give you time to complete your homework (yeah adult homework, it’s a thing!).

The first step of creating your dream wardrobe starts with a bit of self reflection. Basically your homework today is to distill your personal style into some key words. This might sound overly simple but I’ve always found that consciously thinking through something (and writing it down) can be really insightful… so don’t skip it!

Throughout this post (and the entire lean closet series) I’m going to use my own answers as an example to help illustrate the exercises.

Go beyond a capsule wardrobe! Learn how to define your personal style in this 6 part lean closet series.

Thinking in abstract terms… I want you to choose 3 to 5 descriptive mood words that represent your personality. I provided some examples in the worksheet, but dig deep for something unique to you! These mood words are major clues into the core essence of your personal style and we’ll refer to them later on.

For my moods I wrote: dark romance, relaxed, warm, playful.

Now thinking specifically about fashion and design, write down what you like. What items or design details consistently draw you in? Is there a certain era in time do you identify with? Your favorite color?

For my likes I wrote: menswear inspired, architectural details, tailored, clean lines, softness, cashmere, texture, quirky classics, animal faces.


Now what do you dislike? Think of what colors & details in your current wardrobe never look right on you (even if you like the way they look on others).

For my dislikes I wrote: ruffles, boxy oversized fit, synthetic fabrics, knits that show lumps & bumps, empire waist. 



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