Honeydew Green Tea Popsicles

 Prep time

10 mins

Total time

10 mins


These honeydew green tea popsicles are the perfect refreshing treat for summer! Made will real honeydew and antioxidant-rich green tea.

Serves: 10 Popsicles


3 Heaping Cups Cubed Honeydew

1 Cup Brewed Green Tea


In a blender, combine honeydew and green tea. Blend until everything is smooth and mixed.

Pour your honeydew green tea mix into your popsicle mold, and set in the freezer for at least four hours or overnight, until popsicles have completely hardened.

When you’re ready to eat the popsicles, run the molds under a little hot water to loosen, if needed.

While freezing, the green tea and honeydew may have separated a little – which is perfectly natural. It’ll still taste amazing!



If you have any extra popsicle mixture, no worries – it’s great as a smoothie!!

Recipe by Well and Full at http://wellandfull.com/2016/06/honeydew-green-tea-popsicles/



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