My nightmare… finding the best protein bar! Each week….

So in an ideal world where unicorns roam and you could order food off Instagram, we’d all have the time to make every delicious morsel we ate. But that ain’t real life. Real life is pretty damn messy and yes, making a majority of your food at home IS possible but on the days when you’re packing lunches, traveling, tired, busy, you know living sometimes you need to rely on some portable nutrition.When that happens, I usually gravitate towards a healthy packaged energy/protein bar. However all bars are definitely not created equal. In fact some are pretty much candy bars in pretty matte packaging. So what’s a girl to do? 

 what to look for when you’re picking a bar.


This is first thing I’ll look when I’m choosing. If I see a funky ingredient that I’m not into it’s a deal breaker. If it has protein in the bar I always try to find the source.


When I’m grabbing a snack it’s because I’m hungry. If I want the snack to actually keep me full then it’s important that there’s at least some kind of protein. Especially if I’m hungry, my rule of thumb is to grab a bar that has a close to 1:1 sugar to protein ratio if not more protein.


So many bars will sneak in extra sugar so I’m always careful to check how many grams and if it’s high what the source is. For some instances, the sugar is all from dates and fruit which isn’t ideal but it’s not bad either. However I get nervous if there’s too much added sugar without any extra protein.


Obviously this one takes trial and error, but if a bar has a great health profile but tastes like a piece of soggy cardboard or has a funky texture I won’t eat it. That’s why, hopefully with this review you can avoid some of the bad bars I’ve experienced along the road.


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