Spicy beans, avocado, mushrooms quesadilla!

Serves: 1 – 2 Prep time: 20 minutes Cook time: 30 minutesIngredients

To make the beans;

2 tbsp olive oil

 1 onion diced

2 cloves garlic sliced

1 tsp smoked paprika

1/2 tsp cayenne pepper

 1 tsp cumin seeds

1 tin organic tomatoes

2 tsp tamari

1 pack organic cannellini beans



 1 tsp maple syrup – optional

Optional – extra sprinkle of chilli flakes


To make the mushrooms;

2 cups mushrooms sliced

1 clove garlic sliced

1 tbsp olive oil

Sea salt

Twist black pepper


To make the tahini dressing;

1 tbsp. tahini

Juice 1/2 lemo

 1/2 cup water

1 tbsp olive oil

2 garlic clove

 Salt & pepper


To make the quesadilla;

2 tortillas

1 cup spicy beans

1/2 avocado smashed with a squeeze or lemon or lime juice

1 cupcooked mushrooms

Sea salt

Tahini dressing



To make the beans;

 Add the onion to a large pan with the oil and sauté for 10 minutes on a low heat. Add in the garlic and spices and fry for a further few minutes.

Next add in the tomatoes, beans, tamari, maple syrup, and simmer for a 10 minutes, then season with the salt, pepper and chilli to taste.

To make the mushrooms;

Add the oil, garlic and mushrooms to a saucepan and fry on a medium heat for a few minutes until soft.

Season and set aside

To make the tahini dressing;

Add all the ingredients to a mini chopper and blitz. ( If you don’t have a mini chopper you can smash up the garlic, salt & pepper in a pestle and mortar and the mix all the ingredients thoroughly in a small bowl).


To make the quesadilla;

Heat a large flat bottom pan or skillet to low to medium heat them pop on the first tortilla, cover the base with smashed avocado, then the beans and finally top with the mushrooms, a drizzle of tahini dressing and coriander.

Cover with the second tortilla and press down a little then allow the filling to heat through and the bottom tortilla to brown a little. This should take 3-4 minutes.

Carefully flip the quesadilla to brown the other side then remove from the heat and onto a chopping board.

Cut into quarters and then drizzle with more tahini dressing and coriander.

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